A Letter from our Pastor

Praise the Lord!

Let us shout Hallelujah for Mothers and the Grace we have received from them through Jesus Christ.

Mother’s Day is an annual holiday, celebrated in many countries around the world to honor and appreciate mothers and mother-figures for their love, care, and support. Mother’s Day is an opportunity to express gratitude and appreciation for the countless ways that mothers and mother-figures enrich our lives. It is a time to honor the sacrifices mothers make, the love they give, and the wisdom they impart. Whether we celebrate with our own mothers or with other women who have played a nurturing role in our lives, Mother’s Day is a chance to show our love and appreciation for the incredible women who have shaped us into the people we are today.

Mothers play a unique and important role in the lives of their sons and daughters. They are often the primary caregivers, nurturers, and role models during the early years of a child’s life, and continue to provide love support, and guidance throughout their children’s lives. Mothers are often the first person a child turns to for comfort, reassurance, and advice. They provide a
sense of safety and security, and are a constant source of love and affection.

Mothers also play a critical role in shaping their children’s values, beliefs, and behaviors. They are instrumental in instilling a sense of empathy, compassion, and kindness in their children, as well as teaching them important life skills and encouraging their academic and personal growth.
For sons, mothers can provide a model of what it means to be a caring and supportive partner, as well as offering guidance in navigating the challenges of masculinity and personal identity. For daughters, mothers can provide a model of what it means to be a strong and independent
woman, as well as offering guidance on navigating the challenges of gender roles and social expectations.

Mothers are also often the primary source of emotional support and encouragement throughout their children’s lives. They celebrate their children’s accomplishments and provide comfort and reassurance during difficult times. The unwavering love and support of a mother can help their children develop resilience, confidence, and a sense of purpose. Overall,
mothers are special to their sons and daughters because of the unique and irreplaceable role they play in shaping their children’s lives. Their love, guidance, and support create a foundation for their children’s personal and emotional growth, and help them become the best versions of
themselves. Celebrate the Mother in your life. Happy Mother’s Day.

Grace Always,
Dr. Byron T. Brazier