An important part of our church's mission is to reach out and help others. In our efforts to lift the fallen, aid the poor, and work for better living conditions in society (and particularly in our community), we run and support several outreach groups.

Evanglism of Grace

Who are We?
We are concerned members of this community, like you, who have decided to confront the institutional oppression and social inequities that have gone unaddressed for far too long.

What Is the Evangelism of Grace?
The Evangelism of Grace is a spiritually focused initiative led by concerned members of our community who are striving to bring our communities back to a place that is vibrant, safe and nurturing.

What Is Our Purpose?

We are seeking to engage the community at large and, ultimately, become a unifying factor in the quest for consciousness and solidarity to create a community support system for sustainability.
What are Our Objectives?
  • Having the body of Christ fully engaged in a common mission of transformation within a community setting
  • Developing a discontent for the condition of the poor through a spiritual awakening
  • Addressing the political climate that maintains the poor and blacks in their condition
  • Using the grace God has given us to impact our communities where we live

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Feeding the Homeless for Christ

The mission of Feeding the Homeless for Christ is to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to empower individuals to help satisfy needs--whether their need is finding employment, locating decent and affordable housing, achieving freedom from addiction, or obtaining counseling regarding social issues associated with mental health and emotional growth.

Feeding The Homeless for Christ is a self-support auxiliary that obtains food and clothing to help homeless people. The ministry is dedicated to serving God through the spreading of the Good News of Jesus Christ and helping those who are less fortunate than us.

Prison Ministry

The Prison Ministry glorifies God by taking the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the incarcerated. We do this through intercessory prayer, letter writing, praise, worship, preaching and teaching the Word of God. We lift up the name of Jesus by exhibiting Christ in our character and in the pouring out of compassion for our brothers and sisters, who are institutionalized. In obedience to the command of Christ to go into all the world (Matthew 28:19), souls will be saved unto salvation and inmates will be encouraged to grow in the knowledge of the Father.

Nursing Home Ministry

The mission of the Nursing Home Ministry is to cultivate, nurture and uplift the poor in spirit, brokenhearted and the lonely.

Career Development Ministry

 The Career Development Ministry (CDM) is committed to inspiring ACOG members and the broader community while they are in transition to discover their purpose by providing management and enhancement of job search strategies, entrepreneurial guidance, and occupational resources to educate, encourage and empower clients to achieve their career goals.

CDM services include but not limited to:
• Career & Job Search Coaching
       o   Online Application
       o   Resume Review
       o   Practice Interview and Feedback
• Career Fairs/Hiring Events
• Educational & Networking Events
• Professional & Workforce Development Opportunities
To explore your potential and possibilities contact CDM by sending an email message to

Introducing a New Gateway to Woodlawn

Woodlawn Central is an equitable mixed-use urban district and a new gateway to the broader Woodlawn community on Chicago’s South Side. It is a catalyst for urban regeneration in Woodlawn and sets the stage for future neighborhood reinvestment. Set along 63rd Street and adjacent to 63rd Street Station, Woodlawn Central is a transit-oriented district walkable to numerous major civic amenities, including the Obama Presidential Center, Jackson Park, Lake Michigan, and the University of Chicago.