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Therefore a man shall leave his father and mother
and hold fast to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh.

Ephesians 5:31 (ESV)

Covenant Partners Marriage Ministry (CP) is a vibrant community dedicated to nurturing and enriching the bonds between couples. Grounded in the teachings of the Word of God, CP emphasizes spiritual growth, mutual support, and practical wisdom to help couples thrive in their relationships. 
Key Features of Covenant Partners Marriage Ministry:

 1.  CP recognizes that every couple is unique, and therefore employs a variety of approaches and resources to cater to different needs and preferences. Whether through workshops, retreats, mentoring, or social gatherings, the ministry endeavors to meet couples where they are and support them on their journey towards oneness.

2. CP is firmly rooted in the principles of the Bible, with a focus on applying God's Word to every aspect of married life. Rather than dwelling on problems, the ministry seeks to offer godly solutions and guidance to help couples navigate challenges and cultivate deeper intimacy and unity.    

3. Through its various initiatives and activities, CP aims to empower couples to become stronger, more resilient, and more deeply connected. By equipping couples with practical tools, spiritual insights, and relational skills, the ministry seeks to foster lasting transformation and growth in marriages.

4. The ministry organizes a variety of workshops, classes & events throughout the year, covering a range of topics and activities suggested by participants and curated by the leadership team. These events serve as opportunities for couples to learn, grow, and strengthen their marriages.

5. CP provides a supportive and inclusive environment where couples can come together, share experiences, and build meaningful connections with other like-minded individuals. Registration Process: To ensure effective planning and resource allocation, CP requires couples to register for events in advance, regardless of whether there is a cost involved. This helps the leadership team accurately anticipate attendance and tailor the experience to meet the needs of participants.

Overall, Covenant Partners Marriage Ministry is a dynamic and inclusive community that is committed to nurturing healthy, thriving marriages based on the timeless wisdom of God's Word. Through its collaborative approach, biblically grounded teachings, and diverse programming, CP endeavors to support couples in building strong, enduring relationships that honor God and reflect His love.

Marriage Check-up

Marriage Check-up is a four-week class where we discuss various topics designed to help married couples enhance their relationship in a small-group setting. The class is interactive, informative, and relevant for marriage, using biblical references along with real-life experiences to encourage couples.

Marriage Enrichment Weekend

Marriage Enrichment Weekend is a special time away for married couples. It is an annual event typically held during Valentine's weekend. Couples who attend get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life for a great experience with like-minded couples. They share in the fun, the fellowship, a few sessions with other couples, and, of course, some intimate moments with each another. We've done things such as a 70s night, a treasure hunt, and other fun activities to make a great weekend getaway. This weekend always sells out, so we highly recommend early registration.

Pre-Marriage Classes

Are you teeter-tottering with the idea of marrying the person you're dating? Or maybe you believe you've found the right person for you, and you're ready to find out "why marriage." This eight-week session looks into some of the many reasons why marriage is important to God and how believers fit into the equation of marriage. We discuss and evaluate things such as communication, roles and responsibilities, finances, and so on. Hundreds have participated in these classes and found them to be beneficial in their decision. It is held four times a year.
Husbands Locker Room/Wives View (HLR/WV) is a special session where couples split after having a dinner snack and engage in candid conversation specifically directed for each spouse. This annual session allows us to share tools, testimonies, and prayer time that enable us to become the best spouses we can. The season-ending event wraps up our series, concluding with a special evening where we celebrate couples who have committed to their marriages by honoring the vows they’ve made to one another. We reminisce on the milestones of our marriages and give God thanks for bringing us through one more year of learning, sharing, and growing.

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