& Wellness

& Wellness

But my God shall supply all your need,
according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.

Philippians 4:19 (KJV)

Our Mandate

Through our Personal Services ministries, the church provides a variety of supportive services to people in need. We visit the sick and shut-in, we assist families who have loved ones, we serve as a referral agent for community resources, and we provide a number of support groups that provide ongoing spiritual encouragement to people with specific needs. The Personal Services ministries are committed to continually assessing the needs for our diverse community in an effort to educate, strengthen, and uplift the body of Christ.

Our Mission

The fundamental mission of Personal Services is to aid and support those in need, serve as a referral agent for community resources, and provide spiritual encouragement to those we serve. To this end, the Personal Services ministries are committed to continually assessing the needs for our diverse community in an effort to educate, strengthen, and uplift the body of Christ. It is also the mission of Personal Services to unify the various ministries that provide direct support to our congregants and community. In doing so, we will efficiently serve more individuals seeking our assistance. As a centralized department, we also serve as a resource for one another, sharing vital information that will develop our effectiveness.

Our Mandate

Each ministry arm of Personal Services has a specialized area of expertise for community support that endeavors to spiritually and intellectually develop the staff and volunteers therein. That support is provided through monthly meetings, around-the-clock support, and special services. Learn about each ministry group within Personal Services below.

Medical Ministry

As committed health professionals, we are commissioned to provide medical assistance and education to the church body at large. We engage, educate, and empower our members to seek healthy Living. Promote health wellness early detection and preventive care to the congregation and the community at large. Advocate for improved quality of life through knowledge, education, prevention and access to health information. Provide compassionate professional medical care and assistance as needed. Build enhanced and integrate our professional ministry with the various church health disciplines within the church.


The Communion Sick and Shut-in Ministry serves communion to church members who are unable to participate in congregational communion services due to illness and/or physical immobility. Ministers and volunteers go to the homes or bedsides of individuals who desire to partake in Holy Communion. If you know an ACOG member who wants to participate in communion services but their immobility is preventing them from participating, please let us know. The Communication Sick and Shut-in Ministry would be honored to visit him or her.

Contact Evangelist Ivory Nuckolls at 773.256.4125 or

Lupus Awareness

Do you have Lupus or know anyone with lupus? The Lupus Awareness Support Group educates, uplifts, and supports those who are facing the challenges that come with living life with the disease. The group provides resources information, and a sympathetic ear to those who have been affected by lupus. Do you want to be informed? Do you want to learn how you can support someone you know with lupus? Do you to be part a community where you know you’re not alone? Then join us as we serve as an ambassador for Christ to people with Lupus and the people who love them.

Leave a message on the Lupus Support helpline at 773.256.4208.

Breast Cancer Support

Are you a breast cancer survivor?
Are you battling breast cancer or know someone with breast cancer? Do you want to stand with your sisters (and a few brothers) in Christ who are survivors of this disease? If your answer is yes to any of those questions, we need you. The Breast Cancer Support Ministry provides emotional support and encouragement to breast cancer survivors and their families. The support group endeavors to heighten awareness and educate the body of Christ about breast cancer. Cancer Support Ministry in November.

Call our helpline at 773.256.4220 or 

Widows Network

Prostate Support

The Prostate Support Group’s chief purpose is to educate, support, and enrich the lives of individuals, couples, and their families with knowledge and resources about prostate health through the eyes of God. The prostate support group is for men who are battling prostate cancer, as well as for people who are interested in learning more about prostate cancer. We are here to serve as a support group and to encourage others that there is hope and resources. We want to educate our men to stay encouraged through the help of the Lord.

Contact Evangelist Ivory Nuckolls at 773.256.4125 or

Consolation Support

If you are you grieving over the loss of a loved one, you are not alone. We are here to help those who are grieving and need someone to talk to. Don’t suffer your grief in silence. Reach out to us. Through prayer, God’s Word, and the encouragement of the saints of God, help is here. Meetings take place every third Saturday from 11:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

Call 773.256.4212 or e-mail

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