Letter From the Pastor

Dr. Byron T. Brazier

Our Pastor

Dr. Bryon T. Brazier

Praise The Lord!

During a Courageous Prayer, this year, I spoke and prayed about being comfortable. It was encouraging to think about those on the prayer line being comfortable about Jesus.  Being comfortable about what God has already prepared for us. Being comfortable about our relationship with Jesus Christ and the testimony he has provided.

As we continue to have a deeper understanding of Truth to Trust, we begin to solidify our place in a complex and multifaceted world.  A world that struggles with its own humanity and is susceptible to the wickedness of those that have lost their way. But our strength and hope are not in the manipulations of those that seek power and greed. Our trust is in the love and power of Jesus Christ.

In our pursuit for a deeper faith, we find an assurance of salvation and a profound understanding of forgiveness of sins. We find peace in a world full of turmoil and uncertainty. We find guidance and wisdom through the power of the Holy Spirit. And in our search for purpose, we experience the love and grace through the power of the Holy Spirit that has transformed our identity, character, and vision.

We understand better now than any time before, that our journey is not about being blessed but also about being a blessing.  It is about the building of one another, making provisions for our children and children’s children, and being a good steward of the things of God.  We know that God provides for us hope for the future, hope even in trials and tribulations, and hope in the promises of God through Jesus Christ that no one can take away or disannul.

Therefore, be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might.

Grace Always,

Dr. Byron T. Brazier